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What is adherence?

Adherence refers to whether people behave according to the instructions or norms which relate to what they are asked to do. For example, do you adhere to law of the speed limit, the norm of queuing in supermarkets, or the prescription for taking medicines?

As you can see, adherence relates to many different activities. There are many lists of things which prevent adherence, but until now there has not been an overarching framework for understanding it. This is what my PhD research is about. My focus has been on medicine adherence: do you take your medicine when you should, and if not then why not?

So your customers don't use your product in the way that you've explained to them, and you don't understand why? My consulting offer is to use my adherence framework to help you understand why people behave as they do when using your product or service. My particular focus is medicines but I'm happy to consult in any industry where adherence is relevant -- and that's just about all of them!

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