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How can I help you with interview coaching?

I have coached people for many years. For the past year-and-a-bit I have coached university students for interviews and Assessment Centres, both for jobs and for places on Masters courses. Many of my students have passed the recruitment stage for which I have coached them, and I've coached several to the point of receiving job offers in UK, China, and Japan.

This is the sort of thing they say after they've benefitted from my support:

  • "I am so excited now! I received the good news of Accenture assessment centre just now! It is worth it! I really appreciate that you always encourage me to persist and become more confident! My growth is beyond my imagination in these two months. Without your coaching... I cannot reach my goal so quickly! You are my life coach and friend as well."
  • "I have good news, I just got a notification from IBM that I passed group interview! You are THE BEST!... [after final interview] I got an offer from IBM Beijing! I am so excited! I think you bring me most luck! Thank you so much!"
  • "I just got a email from HSBC yesterday telling me I passed the telephone interview!! I want to say thank you for your coaching and feedback. It really helped me a lot"
  • "I recently received feedback from Zurich and they told me I passed the video interview. Thanks a lot for your coaching sessions on Zurich!"
  • "Thanks very much. I appreciate your careful consideration. You are so funny and patient. That's really helpful. You are so nice. Thank you very much"
  • "Thanks a lot for your time and efforts. I have never been encouraged by such a way you used today. Indeed, I feel more confident than before"

I would love to do the same for you. I have a structured process which I follow and, while I can't guarantee that you will be successful, I am sure that you will much better prepared after my coaching. I take payment by bank transfer or Paypal, and charge by the hour.

Contact Peter to find out more. Use email, Skype (sunriseconsulting), or fill in the form below.

You can contact Peter via Skype using this link.

Use this secure PayPal button to pay for your session by Paypal.

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