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Maximise the Way You Sell Yourself!

Following on from Seminar 1, you will wish to get further into your self-view and how it improves your CV. Seminar 3 builds on what you learned in seminar 1 about CVs, and adds a greater focus on how to view yourself and your achievements as you update your CV. It also covers practical things such as the appearance and content of your CV, the sorts of words to use and avoid, and simple tips for getting the attention of the reader. Once you understand all this, you may find you don't want to change jobs after all!

Key Benefits of this Seminar

During this 3-hour seminar you will gain:

  • Greater insight into your own successes and achievements

  • An improved understanding of what is desirable and attractive in the appearance and content of your CV

  • Some simple tips for making your CV stand out.

During the seminar you will have a short period of one-to-one guidance on your CV. This will make the time even more useful and productive.

Note that to make the most of this seminar you are advised to bring a copy of your current CV. If you can bring a laptop computer with you then you will find it easier to act on the guidance you are given, but this is not essential

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