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This page lists the seminars offered by Sunrise Consulting (UK) Ltd. Click on the title of each to see more details.

To obtain information on available dates, or for more information on bespoke courses or seminars, please email Sunrise Consulting.

Seminar 1: Relationships at Work and Home

This is the first seminar in the series. It gives an understanding of why we may be suffering problems at work, and starts to provide some answers by improving how we get on with others and by altering the way we see ourselves as we write our CVs.

Seminar 2: In-depth Interpersonal Skills

This seminar gives a more in-depth view of our own characters, the way we interact with others and how others
see us. It helps to understand how effective teams are made up, and our place in them.

Seminar 3: In-depth CV Coaching

This seminar goes into more detail on the content and layout of a good CV. It also provides a short period of
one-to-one tuition per attendee, giving each student some personal attention.

A laptop computer would be useful for this seminar, but a paper CV would be acceptable.

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